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Silver Canyon Hats can be found worldwide

Posted by SilverCanyon Admin on

We’re excited to see Little Nas X impacting Western fashion across the world. 

From Asia to Europe, South America to the United States, the western styled hat is proving to the fashion star of 2019.  Once Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus “Old Town Road” hit the airwaves, MTV and YouTube, we saw a surge of popularity for our Silver Canyon hats from outside the United States. We’re excited to brag Silver Canyon hats can now be found around the world. 

Not only do Silver Canyon hats protect you from the sun, they are comfortable and simply look good (ok – that's a shameless self-pat on our Silver Canyon collective back).  Wearing your Silver Canyon hat is the epitome of self-expression as you and your head make your Silver Canyon hat your own.

We hope you check out the great selection of world popular Silver Canyon Hats and give a Silver Canyon hat a nice head to wear.  To see the Silver Canyon Hat Collection, click

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