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About Silver Canyon

We LOVE country! Silver Canyon Boot & Clothing Company's ultimate purpose  is to celebrate the essence of America by bringing a touch of country style into your life.

Born in the hills of Washington State in the USA, we began by developing an affordable range of boots that last and look good for folks of all ages - from the little ones to the wise ones.  Silver Canyon products are designed in the USA and manufactured at different locales around the world.

Over the years, our collection has grown to include hats which can be worn for any occasion, as well as belts that'll compliment nearly any outfit.

Become a part of our country-loving community.

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Silver Canyon Logo History


Man behind the brand


Our fearless founder Jerry was literally born into the Western industry.  His family owned and operated a small traditional Western wear shop where he started “working” at the age of 5... OK, the shop also did double duty as his parent’s daycare. Fast forward through college and gaining some experience working for a major retail company, Jerry struck out on his own, built a successful Western wear company, got married, had children and retired from the business.

Throughout those years, Jerry and his wife never forgot their frustration of trying to find quality affordable boots for their young children. As parents, they wanted a good looking pair that were affordable, comfortable and well-made that would hold up to everyday wear. The only two options available were "cheap," poorly constructed boots made with cheap materials OR expensive boots made of the finest leather - nothing in between.

It occurred to Jerry he could bring his decades of experience and knowledge to solving this frustrating puzzle.  Thus, the Silver Canyon Boot and Clothing Company was born.