How to take care of you boots

How to take care of you boots

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Whether you wear your boots for only a few hours for all day and night, your boots will take care of you if you take care of them. 

Some basic tips for all your boots:

Use a boot jack to remove your boots – Knowledgeable cowboy-boot-wearers know that removing boots can be quite the challenge. Instead of prying one boot off with the heel of the other and damaging your boots, get a boot jack to keep by your door. This will save you minutes of pulling and tugging and give your boots a longer lifespan.

Store your boots properly – Stand your boots up. Don’t create unnecessary and bothersome creases in your boots by storing them improperly.  You can expect natural creases as the boots mold to your feet, but undesired creases can be avoided.

Keep your boots and shoes away from pets – Dogs (especially puppies) seem to love shoes and boots.  Keep your boots in a safe spot away from your pets so they don’t become the perfect dog treat. 

Wear a good pair of boot socks – For more information read: Best Socks for Cowboy Boots and Why

Specific to Silver Canyon boot materials:






  • Remove loose dirt or dust with brush or rag.
  • Clean thoroughly with the appropriate leather conditioner.
  • If a polished leather, apply thin coat of matching color shoe cream, then brush cream into leather and buff with a soft cloth until luster is obtained. For a high luster, apply a thin coat of wax polish, neutral paste on light colors, matching polish on dark colors.  Brush and buff again.
  • Use Silver Canyon Water and Stain Repellent

Silver Canyon Water and Stain Protector


Useful care products:


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