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Silver Canyon Wool Hat Quality

Posted by SilverCanyon Admin on

We were recently asked: “Why are some of your wool hats lighter and thinner material than other hats priced the same”? 

Love this question as it allows us to highlight and discuss the quality of our Silver Canyon wool hats.

Silver Canyon uses high quality Australian wool in our wool cowboy hats. Wool varies by quality.  Generally, lower quality, less expensive wool needs to be thicker to hold its shape and have similar durability characteristics as Australian Wool. This additional thickness results in a heavier hat which may become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time and it also may not last as long as a hat made from Australian Wool.

We believe Silver Canyon wool hats made from Australian wool provides the hat owner an outstanding western hat value.

We’re proud we can price Silver Canyon wool hats similarly to many other wool hats made of lessor quality wool. The Australian wool allows Silver Canyon to make a hat that is durable, good looking and relatively light weight which makes Silver Canyon wool hats comfortable regardless if you wear the hat for only an hour or for the entire day.

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Silver Canyon Hats in Production

 Image:  Silver Canyon Hats in the Dehumidifier Room during production


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